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Overcoming The Water Measurement Hurdle In California

“If you can measure it, you can manage it.” If this statement starts being implemented in California,it would go a long way to solving the dramatic water shortage the state is facing. This is also the driving vision behind Ayyeka’s water measurement solution. When Ayyeka’s Director of Business Development, Sivan Cohen, P.E., was living in […]

Well, Hello.

Ayyeka is starting its very own blog to share what we find fascinating in the world of remote infrastructure monitoring. Firstly – introductions! Ayyeka is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) startup using our expertise in civil, electrical, and computer engineering to create smart remote infrastructure monitoring products. Why are we developing on the IIoT […]

Smart Infrastructure Systems Tempt Cyber Attackers

Our water, energy and other critical infrastructure systems are becoming smarter, more sophisticated and more digitized. Unfortunately, this also makes them more vulnerable to more frequent and sophisticated cyber threats. Ayyeka’s CTO Yair Poleg explains how infrastructure can be protected in this brave new world. The battles of the future will be fought, at least […]

Where Can We Get The Water? Breaking Down California’s Crisis

California’s water shortage crisis is being discussed and addressed on a number of fronts. Before bringing solutions, it’s important to understand where lays the greatest potential for bringing more available water into California’s water systems. “There are basically two options to create more water availability – increase supply or reduce demand,” explains Ayyeka’s VP of […]

IoT: Implications For Human Nature And The Environment

As Ayyeka’s Business Development Manager, I had the pleasure of representing our company in a recent panel discussion at IDC Herzliya: “Startup Companies in the Environment and Internet of Thing (IoT) Space,” which was moderated by Dr. Oren Zuckerman, Director of the Media Innovation Lab. The topics of the discussion included: the conflict between human disposition […]

The Story Of Ayyeka

The inspiration for Ayyeka began about seven years ago when two friends, Ariel Stern and Yair Poleg, decided to spend their free time in a dusty old garage developing a new technology. The two engineers sat huddled next to space heaters trying to invent a revolutionary product. The result was the founding of Ayyeka. Both […]

Ayyeka׳s Wavelet Demo Kit

The Wavelet Demo Kit offers an end-to-end solution for real-time measurement of water temperature. The Kit includes temperature transmitter and 3-ft cable. The temperature transmitter can monitor temperature changes of water and gas flowing through a pipe, such as into a cooling tower or to monitor temperature of water used in industrial treatment and processing. […]

Interning In The Startup Nation

After I finished volunteering at an Israeli children’s home, it was clear that I wanted to return to this wonderful country. However, I needed to complete my bachelor’s degree in Germany before I could come back to Israel. I chose to major in business administration and environmental studies at a unique German environmental university. As […]