Ayyeka׳s Wavelet Demo Kit

The Wavelet Demo Kit offers an end-to-end solution for real-time measurement of water temperature. The Kit includes temperature transmitter and 3-ft cable. The temperature transmitter can monitor temperature changes of water and gas flowing through a pipe, such as into a cooling tower or to monitor temperature of water used in industrial treatment and processing.
This Kit is ideal for industrial applications and demonstrating the ease of set up and use of Ayyeka׳s Wavelet systems. Monitoring water temperature offers insights on evaporation. It also provides insights on the optimal temperature needed for reduced energy consumption. Ayyeka’s streamlined cyber-secure solution provides GPS and time-synced data to water network operators, regulators, and decision makers and supports better operations management.

Ayyeka's Wavelet demo kit
Ayyeka’s Wavelet Demo Kit Suitcase

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