Meet The Ayyeka Team: Sivan Sidney Cohen, P.E.

Sivan Sidney Cohen P.E. is the General Manager (GM) of Ayyeka Inc., Ayyeka’s US-based subsidiary headquartered in Los Angeles.
Prior to joining Ayyeka, Sivan spent several years working in construction management, specializing in large-scale commercial projects including San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal Two. During her years working as a civil engineer and project manager, Sivan also gained experience working on residential projects such as high-end apartments in the prestigious city of Beverly Hills.

After graduating with a BSc. and MS in Civil Engineering from University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University respectively, Sivan decided to further advance her academic studies by joining the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) as a cementitious materials researcher, investigating new means of improving the efficiency of cement.

Beginning the Ayyeka journey

After spending several more years working in industry, Sivan moved from her native Los Angeles to Israel.

Shortly after arriving, she became one of the first employees of Ayyeka, then a garage startup.

Although the company has since become a global industrial monitoring technology provider with over 35 employees and 19 distributing partners in 25 states, Sivan recalls the company’s formative years fondly.

So what motivated Sivan to take the leap from overseeing multi-million dollars construction efforts to joining an early stage technology company?

Laying the foundations of startup success

“My passion, first and foremost, is in building,” says Sivan. “Whether it’s overseeing the development of an airport terminal, a high-rise, or laying the foundations for a company’s growth, it’s the same kind of adrenaline rush.”

Another facet of the company that enticed Sivan to join was integrating a number of different systems into one cohesive end-to-end monitoring platform. Making order out of chaos, she says, is a process that she had seen while working in project management on construction projects.

“When your project is dependent upon a number of different stakeholders, like contractors and subcontractors, working cohesively towards achieving a shared goal, it’s vital to minimize the number of different systems and workflows that are in use. Otherwise, integrating becomes almost as big a project as achieving the overall objective of the project.”

Ayyeka’s Wavelet IIoT package includes everything that an industrial operator needs to begin remote monitoring – including data services and a user interface (UI). “It’s a huge advance over the traditional telemetric model which would have involved painstakingly connecting sensors, devices, communications equipment, and software services — disparate systems that could only rarely be depended upon to speak the same language.”

Making B2B Seamless is a ‘Breath of Fresh Air’

Sivan also says that Ayyeka’s philosophy of attempting to bring the ‘plug-and-play’ philosophy of consumer-facing applications to the industrial internet was another facet of the company that held unique appeal for her.

“Sometimes, in industrial settings, there’s almost this unspoken expectation that things shouldn’t look as slick or run as they might in the consumer world. Industrial-grade tools are handling some pretty serious stuff like the power supply. As someone that was involved in that world but who also appreciates things that ‘just work’, Ayyeka’s commitment to bringing something truly seamless to this market was a breath of fresh air to me.”

And although Sivan was recently named one of Water & Wastes Digest’s top 16 water professionals under 40, it’s not all work and no play.

Outside of her professional interests, which include mentoring the next generation of women engineers and speaking to audiences on issues such as water management and the IoT, Sivan is passionate about fitness and the outdoors. She is also in the process of obtaining her Doula certification with DONA, the world’s leading Doula training organization.

So, what’s next for Sivan and Ayyeka?

“It’s hard to predict, but this is a very exciting time to be in the industry”, she says. “One thing is for sure – the next few years will be a wild ride.”

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