Meet The Team: Director Of Revenue, Blair Carey

An Ayyeka employee since last year,Blair Carey is Ayyeka’s Director of Revenue and has overall responsibility for Ayyeka’s global revenue network. In addition, he is in charge of managing all aspects of the company’s revenue performance management (RPM).
Prior to joining Ayyeka, Blair, who hails from Calgary in Canada, held a series of executive level roles in the valuation, due diligence, forensic accounting, and financial analysis fields in a career that has spanned almost three decades.

Holding both Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA) certifications, Blair jokes that he certainly “knows his way around a spreadsheet”.

Throughout his career, however, he has remained keenly focused on the fact that sales and business development are “vital parts of a business’s success”. This is an area, he says, that he became particularly passionate about during his tenure as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at an internet technology company.

In his current role at Ayyeka, which sees him playing an integral role in the sales and marketing process, Blair brings skill-sets gained in both financial and operational roles to bear upon the company’s daily revenue operations.This includes the operation and management of a global sales partner network now spanning four continents as well as overseeing new developments in licensing and OEM transactions.

Realizing the sales opportunity to utilities

“Ayyeka’s outreach and education efforts in mature markets has developed good traction but it has been a slow process as most utility operators’ adopt new technologies on a piecemeal basis,” Blair says.

However, as more operators seek data from their dispersed asset base to optimize their operations, Blair says that companies like Ayyeka will gradually sweep away the legacy systems still in widespread use. He is particularly bullish about the company’s prospects for growth in the emerging markets that categorize much of the developing world. Blair rationalizes that where existing infrastructure systems (and ingrained thought patterns) are often not yet in place, making the leap to advanced technologies is an easier proposition to make to operators.

On a day-to-day basis, Blair’s core responsibilities revolve around ensuring that the global revenue pipeline is kept smoothly running through the efficient use of Salesforce, the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) tool of choice.

Assuming overall responsibility for the management of the Ayyeka Global Sales Partner Network – a distribution network of resellers extending across the Americas, Europe, and Australasia – is another significant part of his role.

This, he says, involves liaising with both an internal management hierarchy as well as with the channel partners themselves. Channel partners, according to Blair, often take significantly difference approaches to sales and marketing but must ultimately be held to Ayyeka performance and quality standards.

Finally, he oversees “the mechanics” of international payments between Ayyeka’s parent companies and its two international subsidiaries. He uses his extensive experience in financial markets to optimize transfer processes.

An easy transition to startup life

Like many of his fellow Ayyekans, Blair came to Ayyeka on the back of a career working for larger organizations. The transition to a startup, however, has been “a relatively smooth one. There’s also no sense of disjointedness in the team, which is great,” he says, “even though to a large extent my role involves me being something of an independent operators of sorts.”

Ensuring the integrity of both the capital markets industry and the CFA board exams are also important professional ambitions for Blair, outside of his current role.

For nine years, he was the Vice Chair of the Canadian Advocacy Council for the CFA Institute and currently holds the title of Vice President of the Israel Society of Investment Professionals (ISIP).

At the Canadian Advocacy Council, Blair handled media relations, which gave him an important insight to the value of communicating complex ideas to the general public. “This has proven valuable working with the marketing team at Ayyeka,” he says. “The general public’s awareness of what the Industrial IoT can bring to the market has been eclipsed by the consumer version, which, to an extent, has stolen the spotlight,” he adds.

Outside of work, Blair is most passionate about rowing.

He once coached high-performance college athletes and retired from racing in 1993. He still “reflects proudly” upon the men and women that they have since become, he says. His involvement with the sport is now mostly recreational.

What’s next for Ayyeka?

“A lot,” Blair says candidly.

At the helm of the company’s revenue plan, Blair Carey is hoping for big things.

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