Meet The Team: Regional Sales Manager (RSM) US South-East, Mid-West, Ashley Dirou

Ashley Dirou is Ayyeka’s Regional Sales Manager (RSM) for the US Southeast and Midwest. Ashley is based out of the State of Florida where she has lived for almost 10 years.
A full-time Ayyeka employee since May of this year, Ashley is Ayyeka’s second-appointed RSM. In her role, she ensures that the Ayyeka Global Partner Network companies in her territory deliver the remote monitoring solutions that our customers seek and expect, and provides sales, marketing, and technical support to partners.

Originally from Ohio, Ashley graduated the University of Kentucky with a Double Major in Marketing and Management and a Minor in Fashion Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles. Although she left school open to the idea of going into business in any industry, Ashley says that she never expected that the wastewater sector would be where she would grow professionally.

But a chance encounter soon after university with a friend that worked for Multitrode – a pump station technology provider acquired by Xylem for $26M. – set her career on an unexpected “but highly enjoyable” path.

After going through what Ashley describes as the “steep learning curve” involved in mastering the technical intricacies of level-sensing, submersible pumps, pump station controls, and SCADA integration, she soon became immersed in the wastewater and water industries (pun intended!). Ashley says that she is now “highly passionate” about both the field and its technologies.

A ‘fascinating world’ beneath America’s cities

“Nobody spares a thought about what happens when they flush the toilet. Or when they turn on the tap. But beneath America’s towns and cities lies a complex and fascinating world. Improving the efficiency of the network that makes wastewater work is the job of the technology companies and environmental agencies that comprise the American wastewater ecosystem.”

After spending three years selling Multitrode’s advanced pump station technology to municipal operators across Florida, Ashley went on to become an Account Manager at Barney’s Pumps before assuming the position of Sales Manager at Star Controls Inc., an Ayyeka sales partner based in Coral Springs Florida.

There, she was introduced to Ayyeka, and oversaw Star Controls’ reselling of the product before joining the company in-house sales team as Regional Sales Manager.

Working in “the Mecca of water and wastewater management”

Florida, says Ashley, is “the Mecca of water and wastewater management” and is characterized by a highly competitive vendor landscape that makes working in the industry a “challenging but professionally fruitful experience.”

So where does Ashley see the industry in twenty years?

“I see two major advances,” Ashley says. “The continued rise in the importance that operators place upon the role of data and more computing being carried out on the edge.”

“There are many pain points left for operators to face and enormous problems, such as non-revenue water (NRW) that need to be urgently addressed. But replacing infrastructure entirely simply isn’t financially feasible. So it’s vital to be smart. I’m confident that we’ll see a lot more happening in this space in coming years.”

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