Meet The Team: Scott Ceci, North American Director, Oil And Gas, RSM

Mr. Scott Ceci is Regional Sales Manager (RSM) for the US North-East at Ayyeka and Director of Marketing for the Oil and Gas Sector.
A native of Rush, New York, Ceci is excited to be part of the Ayyeka Inc. North American team. Ayyeka Inc. is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, and is led by General Manager (GM) Sivan Sidney Cohen P.E..

Scott’s goal in leading the North American marketing team is to help municipalities to become “more efficient and streamlined as the remote monitoring marketing continues to mature.”

Having come to Ayyeka from working with larger organizations, Ceci was excited by the prospect of working with a “more nimble” organization that could “more easily meet the needs of industry and provide a tighter team fit.”

Scott has three teenage boys and is a Lacrosse enthusiast.

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