Overcoming The Water Measurement Hurdle In California

“If you can measure it, you can manage it.”
If this statement starts being implemented in California,it would go a long way to solving the dramatic water shortage the state is facing. This is also the driving vision behind Ayyeka’s water measurement solution.

When Ayyeka’s Director of Business Development, Sivan Cohen, P.E., was living in California, she had no idea how much she paid for water, and her water usage had no influence on her monthly bill. “Where I lived water was included in the rent, no matter how much water I used. Only when I moved to Israel did I get my first water bill in the mail. It was a pretty big bill, and created an incentive for me to think twice before I left the faucet running or took a long shower,” she said.

The time to bring change is now

Unlike in Israel, where water has historically always been considered government property, owned, measured and billed by the state, the U.S. water market is a whole different story. There are hundreds of water utilities in California alone, each with its own rules and methods. This makes implementing change a major challenge.

As California begins to tackle the issue, it’s finding that gathering measurement data is the important first step – and a challenging one at that. Stephanie Pincetl, the director of UCLA’s California Center for Sustainable Communities, was recently quoted in The Los Angeles Times as saying that “I think we have a really big problem in California in that water agencies do not report water data in any kind of regular and granular level,“ she said. “We really don’t know how much water is used by whom in the state. We can debate about methodology, but unless you have really reported data, it’s difficult to know.”

Ayyeka’s solution makes the measurement pill a little ‘easier to swallow’ for water utilities.

How we can help

The company’s remote monitoring kits make monitoring simple, secure and affordable. Extending smart water networks with the remote monitoring systems allows for improved network visibility, reduced operating costs, enforcement of regulation compliance, faster leak detection, more exact billing and other advantages, which ultimately mean savings of water and money.

The kits are being installed in utilities in Las Vegas, Cincinnati and Italy. Ariel Stern, the company’s CEO, recently presented the solution to leading figures from California’s water industry at the California-Israel Global Innovation Project of the Milken Innovation Center in Jerusalem. Representatives from Governor Jerry Brown’s office were impressed with the solution and technology. The company is partnering with sensor provider Turner Designs in the California market, and working through its joint venture group, the Noria Ayyeka Group.

Despite Governor Brown’s emergency drought declaration initiative in January, and his calling for a 25% reduction in water use, statewide water use has actually increased by 1%, according to the LA Times. “Before running out to plan another desalination plant, which guzzles environmental resources and is a huge expense, California would do well to better manage the water it does have, and measurement is the important first step in this process,” concludes Cohen.

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