Partner Interview: GlobeOwl Solutions Inc.

Steve Bramson is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of GlobeOwl, a provider of remote monitoring, alarming, and reporting solutions based in Canada. The company prides itself on the wide variety of sensors that it offers, which includes gas and odor detection sensors (including CO, H2S, CO2, and VOC) in addition to kits for monitoring environmental, liquid, gas and physical parameters.
The company’s tools are used at water and wastewater plants, landfills, mines, oil & gas, pulp & paper and industrial manufacturing sites. At landfills, the company helps operators to detect hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a gas known for its pungent odor that is both an occupational hazard and a nuisance easily detectable by the human nose, even at low parts per billion (ppb) concentrations. In addition, the company offers its customizable GoCloud solution, an ‘always on’ air and water monitoring platform available for desktop and mobile designed to provide dashboard visualization, alarming and precise reporting to customers with specific requirements.

The company’s co-founder, Steve Bramson, is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in startup projects since the early 90s focusing primarily on internet-based challenges. His previous ventures include an online jeweler, an ecommerce platform, and an internet service provider (ISP). Before entering the entrepreneurial world, Steve was a financial analyst and software engineer.

Steve co-founded GlobeOwl with 3 partners, in order to “take remote monitoring to the next level.” The company was spun-off from a 60-year-old corporation to augment an existing alarming technology platform with rich functionalities such as big data analytics, visualization, archiving, and reporting.

The company was impressed by the quality of Ayyeka’s hardware and for the technical prowess of its team, which primarily consists of seasoned software and firmware engineers. Since becoming a member of the Ayyeka global sales partner network, the company has been able to offer Ayyeka’s remote monitoring platform to its customers, which are located throughout Canada and the United States.

Steve, who in his spare time enjoys the great outdoors (including cycling, skiing and hiking) sees great things in the future for the two companies. ”This is only the start of an exciting shared journey,” Steve says.

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