Well, Hello.

Ayyeka is starting its very own blog to share what we find fascinating in the world of remote infrastructure monitoring.
Firstly – introductions! Ayyeka is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) startup using our expertise in civil, electrical, and computer engineering to create smart remote infrastructure monitoring products.

Why are we developing on the IIoT and why remote infrastructure?

For one, despite the fact that water and concrete (for example) are the most used substances on the planet, many operators have had difficulty in creating ‘smart networks’ owing to the complexity and cost of traditional monitoring methods (which, sometimes, consisted simply of sending an engineer to the ‘field’ with a manual measuring tool!)

Water is also going to be one of the scarcest resources in the near to mid-distant future. Humanity, as a whole, needs to work out how to use the resources that we currently have in as efficient and environmentally responsible a manner as possible.

The business of delivering critical resources is also one of the oldest industries in existence (think Roman aqueducts). It is also, however, one of the most segregated.It occurred to us that we would like to be a part of bringing it up to speed and bridging the gaps.

So, hello, and thank you for reading. We look forward to being in touch.

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