Adding an Organization and Assigning Sites

You can create Organizations in an Account, and then assign Sites to them.

Tip: If you are setting up your Account and intend to add Organizations, it is best to do so before creating users. This will enable you to create users in their appropriate Organizations.


You must have the Account Owner role or higher.


To add an organization:

  1. Click Account in the sidebar.
  2. In the right pane, click the Organizations tab.
  3. Click + Add Organization. The Create Organization window opens.
  4. In the Create Organization window:
    • Enter a name for the Organization.
    • Optionally, enter a description.
    • Specify which Sites you are assigning to the Organization.

Note: A site can belong to only one Organization. If you wish to assign to Org1 a site that is currently assigned to Org 2, you must first remove the site from Org2 (see Editing an Organization), and then assign it to Org1.

  5.   Click Submit.