Ayyeka support guidelines

Describe the standard support guidelines of Ayyeka

Ayyeka takes great pride in its customer support and commitment to supporting the customer through the adoption, deployment, and scaling up processes. As the scope of Ayyeka's solution is wide, and the competence of customers differs widely, it is important to understand the different support services Ayyeka offers and what to expect from each of them. In any questions, please contact your account manager. 

Ayyeka offers the following support services:

  • Standard Support
  • Data Integration Support
  • Sensor Integration Support
  • Certification & Cyber Security Support

Standard Support

Ayyeka reserve the right to introduce specific special conditions concerning its support service, which might include tiered support, a limit on the communication channels, and a limitation of yearly support services.

The following topics are covered by standard support for Ayyeka customers when they purchase Wavelet devices and FAI platform access:

  • Basic assistance and guidance regarding the FAI Platform functionality:
    • How to use different platform features
    • Access to the system, e.g. password reset, user management
    • Troubleshooting errors and failures on the platform
  • Basic assistance and guidance regarding Wavelet features:
    • Activating and setting up devices for the first time
    • Troubleshooting connectivity and data-related issues
    • Setting up sites and streams
    • Maintenance-related questions and guidance
    • Archiving and deactivating devices
    • Firmware over-the-air upgrades
    • AyyekaGo Mobile App
  • Provide information on other Ayyeka products (no hands-on support):
    • REST API usage 
    • FAI Local 
    • FAI Lite
    • Agents & SCADA integration: DNP3, CSV, OPC UA 
    • Calibration of sensors provided by Ayyeka

Other support topics are out of the scope of the standard support package and are subject to dedicated professional services contracts not covered by this document. For example, the following topics require a special professional service contract:

  • Set up alarms and alerts per the customer’s requests
  • Create a new template configuration
  • Hands-on support during FAI Local installation or maintenance

The standard support is included with the Ayyeka service plans.

In addition to the standard support, we created additional support packages that customers can buy, see the sections below.

Data Integration Support

Integrating the FAI platform with other software products such as SCADA systems and Business Intelligence platforms requires certain IT, OT, and networking competence. The integration can be achieved through Ayyeka’s software agents or directly through Ayyeka’s REST API interface. Ayyeka offers extended hands-on support for the following products:

  • FAI Lite
  • DNP3, CSV, and OPC UA Agents

The data integration hands-on support includes:

  • Configuration guidance and best practices particular for the customer’s use case
  • Online troubleshooting sessions via screen sharing

Data integration support is a paid service. Contact your account manager for more details.

Sensor Integration Support

Testing, evaluating, and integrating a new sensor to the Wavelet & FAI platform requires effort from Ayyeka’s onboard Product Specialists. This task includes verifying the Wavelet’s compatibility with the sensor regarding communication protocols, voltage levels, power consumption, environmental conditions, wiring, and more. 

The customer will ship the sensor, documentation, and other required accessories to Ayyeka at his expense. Typically, it takes 5 to 15 hours to complete the sensor integration once the equipment and its documentation are available at Ayyeka’s facility. Note that there are no guarantees that the integration will succeed. 

The deliverables of the integration process are:

  • Wavelet configuration template 
  • Wiring instructions
  • Power consumption estimation 

Sensor integration support is a paid service. Contact your account manager for more details.

Certification & Cyber Security Support


Ayyeka recognizes that its partners might need to go through lengthy certification and compliance processes for its hardware and/or software products. Certification and compliance processes may vary significantly between geographies and therefore require a deep understanding of the products’ internal workings. Due to the complexity of the requirements, Ayyeka assigns certification-related tasks to its senior staff, who have more than 15 years of experience in their respective fields: hardware, software, and manufacturing.

Ayyeka will provide the following services:

  • Participate in calls to provide deep technical explanations
  • Provide instructions and guidance on performing certain lab tests 
  • Troubleshoot issues that arise during the lab tests
  • Produce evidence/documentation that is required by the certification process

Note: Ayyeka cannot guarantee the success of the certification process. 

Certification & Cyber Security Support is a paid service. Contact your account manager for more details.