Configuring SampleGroup (Group of Sensors in a Channel)

You must configure the parameters for each group of sensors in a channel. All sensors that are assigned to the Group will have the same Group parameter values.

To configure the SampleGroup parameters:  

  1. In the left pane, click Devices

  2. In the Sites Tree pane, select the device. 

  3. In the right pane, click the Configuration tab. 

  4. Scroll down past the Stream Management table, and then click Advanced Device Configuration.

  5. In the configuration tree, expand the SampleGroup node, and then click GROUP

  6. Select the sample group number:

This parameter is required to specify in which sample group this channel will be associated with for sampling the attached sensor.  

It is recommended to associate all similar sensor types in the same group.  

  • For analog sensor type, associate current sensors in one sample group and associate voltage sensors in a different sample group.  

  • For serial sensors, the sensors in a group must use the same serial protocol. 


In Firmware older than version 2.301, note the following items: 

  • Only two default groups, Group 1 and Group 2, are provided.  

  • Channels do not need to be in a group in order to sample.  

  • In digital channels, you may associate a channel with either group, or disassociate a channel from either group. You can then assign it a custom value. Channels that are not associated with a group will sample according to the pcnt_sample_interval_sec parameter. 


From Firmware version 2.301 and newer, note the following items: 

  • Six default groups, called Group 1...6, are provided.  

  • Serial and analog channels must be in a group, or they will not sample. 

  • Digital channels of type PCNT or PERIODIC must be in a group, and they will sample according to the group_sample_interval_sec parameter. If PCNT and PERIODIC digital channels are not in a group, they will not sample.   

  • Digital channels of type EDGE only sample according to pulse input, so there is no need to be in a group. 


In Firmware older than 2.301, note the following items: 

  • The analog and serial channel may be assigned to any of the following groups: 

  • 0 – This channel is not assigned to a sample group. Consequently, the sampling interval is done according to the designated channel's sample interval.  

  • 1 – This channel is associated with sample group 1.  

  • 2 – This channel is associated with sample group 2.  

  •  The digital channel may be assigned to any of the following groups: 

  • 0 – This channel is not assigned to a sample group and can accept a custom sampling interval. You can set this value either through the  pcnt_sample_interval_sec parameter, or in the Stream Management table as described in Finding and Setting a Sampling Interval. 

  • 1 – This channel is associated with sample group 1.  

  • 2 – This channel is associated with sample group 2. 


In Firmware 2.301 and newer, note the following items: 

  • The channel may be assigned to Group 1...Group 6.  

  • The digital channel's sample interval will be the group_sample_interval_sec parameter rather than the  pcnt_sample_interval_sec parameter. 


See also Finding and Setting A Sampling Interval.

   7.   Configure the following parameters for the group of sensors:

    • group_active
Description Grouping can be enabled (active) or disabled (inactive). 
  • AS_OFF – Default. Grouping is inactive/disabled.  

  • AS_ON – Grouping is active/enabled. SELECT THIS VALUE. 

  • AS_ON_HOLD – Grouping is active and waiting for a trigger to instantiate. 

    • group_sample_interval_sec 
Description The time interval, in seconds, for group sampling. 
Options Set to 300
    • group_sample_interval_type 

The type of time interval for device sampling of the group of sensors – whether time interval is rounded to whole minutes, or not. The sample interval starts from the boot time. 

Options  Suppose that you set the group_sample_interval_sec to 300 seconds. The device boots at time 11:01:30.   

In this case: 

  • If you choose interval type INTERVAL_NORMAL, then the first interval will start at 11:01:30, the second interval will start at 11:06:30, etc. 

  • If you choose interval type INTERVAL_SYNCED, then the device waits for the closest round minute, which is time 11:02:00. The first interval starts at 11:07:00, the second at 11:12:00, etc. 

IMPORTANT: To avoid data loss, do not use INTERVAL_SYNCED if the group_sample_interval_sec is less than 60 seconds. 

    • group_sample_interval_calib 

The interval of sampling for the group of sensors during calibration mode (after swiping the magnetic Activator key over the embossed logo on the face of the device). 

The value must be equal to or less than the value of the group_sample_interval_sec parameter. 

Options Set initially to 60
    • group_sequentiality_mode 
Description Determines which wakeup time is used – the maximum of all channels in a group, or each channel in a sequential manner. 

GROUPED (default) - The maximum wakeup time of all channels that belong in the group is used.  

SEQUENTIAL - Each channel uses its own wakeup time, one after the other. For example, channel 1 will use wakeup_1 time, and then it will sample. Next, channel 2 will use wakeup_2 time, and then sample, and so forth.  

This option can be used for "scripting".  An example might be when you need to use external power output 1 for 4 seconds and then sample, and then use external power output 2 for 4 seconds.  


   8.   Click Submit to save the configuration changes. The changes will take effect after the next transmission.