Device Pinouts

This article has links to download the pinout sheet of devices.

Every Wavelet model has a different pinout for the connector ports. If you are not sure which model you are wiring a sensor to,  contact Support at Be sure to have the device's serial number handy.

WA1111:              WA1111-xx-V2 (5 DIO ports):  

Comparison of WA1111 and WA1111-xx-V2:  

There are a maximum total of 5 Digital channels.  All 5 channels can be used for Digital Input.  Alternatively, up to three of the channels can be used for Digital Output.

For example, if the maximum of three channels are used for output, that leaves only two channels remaining for input.  So any combination of 5 Digital input/outputs is possible, as long as no more than 3 channels are used for output, and the total number of channels does not exceed 5.


WA3888:               WA3888-xx-V2:  

Cable splitters must not be used with Wavelet Ex™ or with Wavelet Ex V2™.

Comparison of WA3888 and WA3888-xx-V2: