Device Replacement

“Device Replacement” is a functionality that allows switching the faulty Wavelet device with another Wavelet device, without losing the continuous data flow.

That is, the data streams associated with the faulty device will start receiving data from the replacement (new) Wavelet device.

Note:  This process is specifically designed for instances where units need to be replaced with identical models, such as W4-V2 to W4-V2.

To  enable "Device Replacement", please contact

This functionality is available for the users of the following roles:
Account Owner

To replace the unit:

  1. Click Fleet in the left pane.
  2. Enter the Serial Number of the Wavelet that is to be replaced.
  3. Move the new Wavelet under Account that will use it.
  4. Click Set Action > Device Replacement.
  5. See the screenshot below.

5.    Enter the Serial Number of the new Wavelet that is a replacement for the original unit:

6.    Click Next
7.    Click on either option:
- Keep new device configuration - if a new device already has needed configuration set
- Override with current device configuration
Note: “Override with the current device configuration” can only be done for devices of the same mode & firmware code.
8.    Click Next
9.    The system will try to map the streams automatically, but you can also modify the option suggested:

10.    Define ‘Transfer data history from’ to specify from which date you want the data to continue.
11.    Click Next
12.   Verify the data selected and click Submit

The historical data to be moved as “Final Values” only.

Graphical representation:

Left: New Wavelet
Right: Faulty Wavelet that is to be replaced 


Left: New Wavelet is removed from the original site
Centre: New Wavelet is placed under the faulty Wavelet site and has streams connected
Right: Faulty Wavelet is placed under the new site.