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Wavelet Firmware Upgrade

How to Upgrade Your Wavelet FW

The Wavelet firmware (FW) is the embedded software on the Wavelet edge device. The FW is responsible for the operation of the Wavelet and all aspects of reading the sensor's data, communicating it to the servers, and using the AyyekaGo mobile app.

Upon manufacturing, the latest FW version is installed on the Wavelet. Still, it is important to understand that it is likely that you will need to upgrade your FW version during the lifetime of the device. 

Why do I need to upgrade the Wavelet's FW?

The reasons for the upgrades are varied, but in general, all will be a combination of the following:

  1. Cybersecurity patch
  2. Features update
  3. Bug fixes

Ayyeka recommends keeping your Wavelet with the most updated FW version, and we encourage users to ensure their devices are up to date. If you have access to the FAI fleet management you can use it to see your entire device fleet and each device FW version.From time to time, the support team may reach out to specific users regarding updating devices FW.

How do I upgrade the Wavelet FW version?

Currently, the FW upgrades are initiated only by the Ayyeka support team.

What to expect when upgrading a FW

It is highly recommended to to follow all the instructions provided by the support team in regards to the power supply, signal strength, and overall practices. 

As the Wavelet is a highly advanced embedded solution, updating its FW version is a delicate process that may result in rare cases an unexpected data loss, corrupted devices, or lengthy support procedures. 

In the rare case an upgrade failed, the support team will guide you through the recovery process or the RMA process that will help recover the devices.

When processing the upgrade, and especially if the devices are installed in hard to reach locations, make sure you have spare devices as a backup.