Software versions and their new features and updates are listed.

SW 3.43 (27-02-2022)

This version focuses on improvements and enhancements of existing features: 

  • Role authorization requests  

  • Memory optimization of various cloud and on-premises components 

SW 3.43.2 (20-03-2022)

This version focuses on improvements and enhancements in the following functionality:

  • The upgrade procedure for FAI Local is streamlined. Support for TLS 1.2 is available.
  • When a device is migrated from the Cloud server to your on-premises server, the firmware information is now automatically included in the export file. The export file's contents depend upon the software version of your on-premises server.
    • For versions older than 3.42.2, the export file contains a JSON file with the Site metadata and the configuration of all defined streams and of any default streams. It also contains a zip file called "template" with the appropriate firmware template for the device in *.bin and *.xml format. 
    • For version 3.42.2 and newer, the export file contains  a JSON file with the Site metadata, the configuration of all defined streams, and the configuration of any default streams. It also contains the binary and xml files of the firmware that are needed.
  • The procedure to update your on-premises software has been streamlined. A full backup of the existing on-premises software installation is automatically done before the upgrade procedure begins.