Replacing Wavelet's Cover Gasket to the Updated 2022 Design

This article provides instructions for replacing Wavelet's cover gasket with the new 2022 gasket design. The new design is recommended for all Wavelet models, old and new.

A new cover gasket design was introduced in July, 2022 for the Wavelet device family. Ayyeka recommends replacing existing cover gaskets with the new design (P/N 0100203) on the next maintenance cycle. Contact your account manager for details.


Watch the following clip to see how to replace the gasket.


To replace the rubber gasket:

  1. Remove the current gasket from the cover by using tweezers or any other adequate tool.
  2. Place the new flat gasket in the designated place inside the cover and push it firmly onto the cover base. 

⚠️ Note the gasket's polarity. The flat side must be facing upwards as shown in the following illustration.