Overview of Subscriptions and Credits

Credits can be used for purchasing Subscriptions, Add-ons, and Professional Services.  

Subscriptions are defined by the number of Credits per month per device. You can switch plans at any time across your fleet of devices. The effective date for changes is on the 1st of the following month. You can set your devices to one of our plans: Standard, Advanced, and Premium, which are intended to better serve different use cases and market requirements. Ayyeka monitors Subscriptions to ensure that your devices are in the correct plan. 

Add-ons, which are defined in Credits, can also be used across your entire fleet of devices to optimize the use of these offerings. Add-ons include such features as REST API, CSV Generator Agent, FTP Push, Data Sites,  WaveCamâ„¢,  DNP3 SCADA Agent, OPC_UA SCADA Agent, and more. 

Professional Services, which are defined in Credits, include email and phone Support, custom configurations, and installations.  

Credits are consumed based on usage across your fleet of devices within your Account. Payment is based on credits per device. You can use credits for subscriptions, add-ons, and professional services as needed per device.  


Watch a three-minute video for an overview of the Subscription feature.