RMA policy and procedure

A detailed description of Ayyeka RMA policy and process


The Ayyeka RMA process is used to identify hardware for return, collect relevant information, verify eligibility, arrange for shipping, process the returned hardware, repair or replace device, and return to channel partner or customer.


  • The device arrived damaged
  • The device performance is unacceptable, and remote troubleshooting does not remedy the situation

Eligibility of Products

  • The device is under warranty, and the type of damage/problem is covered by warranty and cannot be fixed in a remote troubleshooting session 
  • For details on the warranty, please see the Ayyeka warranty provided with your device.

For the Wavelet product line ONLY - For a period of 12 months following the end of the applicable warranty period, the customer may choose to send back a RMA eligible product to Ayyeka at customer’s cost and expense and in return, customer shall be eligible for a new product at a 30% discount. 


Overview of standard RMA procedure:

  1. Channel partner (including OEM) or customer contacts Ayyeka Support by opening a support ticket at support@ayyeka.com.
  2. If Ayyeka Support concludes that the device cannot be fixed remotely, the Support rep initiates an RMA process, starting with collecting additional information from the customer. The device subscription is put on Support mode (“freeze”).
  3. Ayyeka provides shipping labels and packaging instructions to the customer.
  4. Customer ships the equipment and devices to Ayyeka.
  5. Upon receipt, Ayyeka processes and analyzes the equipment and devices.
  6. A replacement device will be shipped to the customer.
  7. The device subscription is taken out of Support mode (“freeze”) one week after it is shipped from Ayyeka and put into Standby mode. 



If the client is unresponsive for 4 weeks or more, the client will be notified that the ticket will be closed. The client is free to open a new ticket in the future. This will restart the process.


The Ayyeka Support rep will provide shipping instructions to the channel partner or customer for an RMA, and will arrange return shipment of the repaired or replacement device.  At least one week after shipping, the device will be taken out of Support mode by Ayyeka Support, and the subscription plan will be resumed.

Where an RMA is covered by warranty for both warranty period and type of damage, Ayyeka will provide FedEx instructions (or similar), and shipping costs are covered by Ayyeka. Channel partner or customer must follow all shipping instructions to avoid additional shipping costs and delays.  Ayyeka will invoice channel partner or customer for additional costs incurred due to failure of customer to follow shipping instructions.

Where an RMA is not covered by warranty, the channel partner or customer must cover shipping costs, either prepaid by channel partner or customer or invoiced by Ayyeka after shipment, as when lack of coverage by warranty is discovered after shipment. 

Potted devices

Devices that are potted generally cannot be repaired and instead are generally replaced, based on whether or not they are covered by warranty. Ayyeka may request that potted devices be returned to Ayyeka for analysis, but otherwise, they may be disposed of by the customer.

Deletion of data during the RMA process

Ayyeka understands that your data may be valuable to you. Data loss during service is always a possibility, and in some cases, data may be unrecoverable, erased, or reformatted during service. As such, please plan and prepare that your “on–the-device” data will be lost (to differ from any and all cloud data). Ayyeka is not responsible for the loss, recovery, or compromise of data. 

Where a device is replaced, a new site may be created, and the previously used site may be archived, along with its data.  Where a site is archived, channel partner or customer may request that data be preserved and accessible after the new site is created.

Note:  The RMA process for replacement of devices in the user interface does not necessarily require the archiving of a site.  The above site and data archival is only relevant where the replacement cannot be swapped via the user interface.  See Help Center for details on RMA replacement via the user interface.

Deletion of configuration during RMA process

In the process of analysis, repair, or replacement, Ayyeka will generally reset the device’s configuration to factory settings.  The previous configuration will not be maintained.  If the channel partner or customer wishes to reuse a configuration, he/she is recommended to use the option to create a template from the device prior to shipping the RMA device to the Ayyeka laboratory.

Upgrade of the firmware during RMA process

In the process of analysis and/or repair, Ayyeka will generally upgrade the firmware to the latest version available for the device model.  

Replacement of battery during RMA process

In the process of analysis and/or repair, if Ayyeka discovers that a battery is low and the customer has agreed to battery replacement in the RMA Request Form, the battery will be replaced. The customer will be invoiced at the standard battery list price.    

Shipment of Equipment and Devices without Authorization

If a channel partner or customer fails to fully complete the customer portion of an RMA Process or has shipped an RMA without prior Ayyeka approval, the equipment and devices will be considered out of warranty, and associated shipment and processing costs will be covered by the customer. 

Providing a replacement device before receipt of RMA

If a replacement device needs to be sent to customer in advance of the return, the channel partner or customer should provide a purchase order number or a written commitment stating that the customer is liable for returning the original equipment on the RMA, unless otherwise agreed with Ayyeka Support rep. The customer will then be invoiced unless RMA is received within 30 days or as otherwise agreed with the Ayyeka Support rep.

Note: In some cases, an Ayyeka Support rep may decide that a device does not need to be shipped back as it cannot be repaired and does not require analysis, and instead may be disposed of by the channel partner or customer, even where a replacement device is provided.  This must be agreed in writing by the Ayyeka Support rep, and relieves the channel partner or customer of any obligation to return the original device.

Channel partners shipping on behalf of customers

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a channel partner will handle the customer side of the RMA process, and will ship the device to the Ayyeka Laboratory for repair or replacement.  Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Ayyeka will return the repaired or replacement device to the partner.

Subscription plan during RMA process

Every device in use has a subscription plan associated with it that deducts Ayyeka Credits each month from the channel partner or customer account. When a device is returned as an RMA, the device’s subscription is frozen by putting it into Support Mode so that the channel partner or customer will not be charged for device usage while the device is being analyzed and repaired.  When the repaired or replaced device is shipped back to the customer, the device is taken out of Support Mode and the subscription is resumed.  Unless otherwise agreed, the device is moved from Support Mode to Active Mode at least one week after it is shipped from the Ayyeka Laboratory back to the channel partner or customer.