Sending a Test Email and SMS

Threshold alerts and Device Technical Alerts are sent to the user by means of email and/or SMS.

A logged-in user can send a test email and SMS to himself to ensure he can receive emails and SMS messages. Users with No Access role cannot log in, but a user with the Account Owner role can send a test message to the user.  


To send a test email and SMS:

  1. At the bottom of the left pane, click the arrow to the right of your login name.
  2. Select Profile. The Profile Details window opens.
  3. In the Profile Details window, click Test Email and SMS.
  4. In the Test Email and SMS window that appears, click Submit. Ensure that you receive an SMS and email.


To send a test email and SMS to a user with No Access role:

  1. In the left pane of the the UI UI, click Fleet (the Fleet application opens in a new tab). If you do not see Fleet, you do not have the correct user role.
  2. Click Users in the left panel of the Fleet application.
  3. In the Users pane, type the user's name in the Filter On All Columns field.
  4. Select the row with the user's name, and then click Set Action > Send Test SMS/Email. Select which test you want to do.
  5. Click Submit.


If no SMS or email message is received, contact