Software versions and their new features and updates are listed.

SW 3.43 (Feb 2022)

This version focuses on improvements and enhancements of existing features: 

  • Role authorization requests  

  • Memory optimization of various cloud and on-premises components 

SW 3.43.2 (Mar 2022)

This version focuses on improvements and enhancements in the following functionality:

  • The upgrade procedure for FAI Local is streamlined. Support for TLS 1.2 is available.
  • When a device is migrated from the Cloud server to your on-premises server, the firmware information is now automatically included in the export file. The export file's contents depend upon the software version of your on-premises server.
    • For versions older than 3.42.2, the export file contains a JSON file with the Site metadata and the configuration of all defined streams and of any default streams. It also contains a zip file called "template" with the appropriate firmware template for the device in *.bin and *.xml format. 
    • For version 3.42.2 and newer, the export file contains  a JSON file with the Site metadata, the configuration of all defined streams, and the configuration of any default streams. It also contains the binary and xml files of the firmware that are needed.
  • The procedure to update your on-premises software has been streamlined. A full backup of the existing on-premises software installation is automatically done before the upgrade procedure begins.
SW 3.47.5 (July 2022)
  • improved WaveCam time-lapse video creation: you can now filter by hour-of-day and load months of images at once

  • Beta-feature: multi-stream transformations. Perform complex math operations on two or more streams to produce a new virtual stream. Examples:

    • Create a Flow stream by applying a formula to Level and Velocity streams.

    • Combine two sensors into a single stream using an 'IF' expression. E.g. IF(x>y), take x, otherwise take y.

  • Improved backend performance and long-term stability

  • Status page for FAI-Pro
    • Get an overview of our Platform Performance with a click of a button. Receiving information about system uptime, API Access, data processing & more.
    • Get email, text message, and Slack notifications whenever Ayyeka FAI Platform Status Page creates, updates or resolves an incident.
  • Updated Ayyeka Knowledge Base
  • Data Curator - Beta Stage
    • Improving Data Quality by using AI tools to identify bad data like stale data, missing data, sampling rate changes, erratic readings & spikes
    • Flag the data for a Data Analyst to inspect
    • Detect data quality issues in almost real-time will result in better data quality

SW 3.48.2 (Aug 2022)

  • Dashboards (beta): visualize your data with personalized dashboards featuring charts, setter plots, Timelapse images, and many more widgets.

SW 3.49.2 (Sep 2022)

  • Need to combine data from multiple streams? Multi-stream transformations are now available! 
  • AI Data Curator (beta) has a new feature for fixing data using various methods.
  • Performance improvements and stabilization
  • Bugfixes: device replacement, dashboard widgets

SW 3.50.1 (Oct 2022)

Our FAI is getting better! Last month we did some "engine overall" for the database and improved how the FAI processes external source data.

  •  Importing 3rd Party CSV/Excel Data into FAI
  • We were future-proofing the FAI and completed a significant database upgrade on September 11th. The FAI now uses the latest version with the most updated performance and stability.

SW 3.50.3 (Nov 2022)

Last month we focused on polishing the FAI. We fixed many small bugs and made sure the performance was getting better. We see a great adoption of our solution and are ensuring everything is ticking.

  • Data processing performance improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes at the WaveCam app and device management.

SW 4.2.0 (Jan 2023)

Here's a short list of our new features:

  • Introducing Storm Scope - our brand new Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) compliance application. See the graphics below for a glimpse. Contact your account manager for a demo!
  • New dashboard customization features include column re-ordering, data sorting, and more.
  • Improved the dashboard loading time.
  • Bugfixes: date formatting, long site/stream name handling.

SW 4.3.0 (Feb 2023)

Here's a short list of our new features:

  • Running wet-weather campaigns? Renting Wavelet devices to customers? With the 'Move Device to New Site' feature, you can easily detach a Wavelet from its current site (leaving the data behind) and move it to a completely new site!
  • Storm Scope now supports rectangular weirs in addition to V-notch weirs.
  • AI Data Curator now features an enhanced audit trail for data editing.
  • Get notified when the external power supply for your devices is failing, the battery is running out, or the humidity is too high with our revamped Technical Alerts feature!

SW 4.6.0 (Mar 2023)

Here's a short list of our new features:

  • The dashboards now support setting a default refresh rate and date range.
  • Storm Scope can now handle multiple rain sources and basins for complex topography.
    • AI Data Curator can now write curated and edited data back to the FAI platform as an extra data stream. 

    SW 4.7.1 (Apr 2023)

    We are working hard to ensure some performance optimization. In the coming weeks, you will experience a major improvement in the loading times and responsiveness of the platform. We are putting effort into making your experience better. As we scale, it's a must.

    Some updates in the Dashboards:

    • 🔊 Play sound on the threshold change (stats widget).
    • Set the precision for the stats widget.

    Our subscription management is getting better:

    • We added parent accounts & partner views.
    • The platform now supports add-ons.

    We polished some hiccups across the board as well:

    • In the WaveCam widget, you can now click on the red bars
    • Thresholds & background colors
    • History table value mapping fix

    SW 4.7.2 (May 2023)

    We are focusing efforts on releasing significant updates:
    • AI Data Curator will support math expression and custom issues. You can define specific expressions as conditions for data quality checks.
    • AIDC - Custom Issues
    • Stormscope - Adding event notifications & dry weather notifications
    • Integrating with external weather data sources (NOAA, USGS, etc.) directly into the FAI platform

    SW v5.2.6 (August 2023)


    1. Adding Opt-Out message and link to privacy policy when user opt-in phone number.

    2. DataCurator and StormScope opened for Eng Roles and above

    SW  v5.4.0 (September 2023)


    1. Support Tomorrow.IO integrations

    SW  v5.6.0  (September 2023)

    New Device Management

    1. Support querying Devices.

    SW  v5.7.1 (October 2023) 


    1. Support WaveCam on OnPrem distribution

    OnPrem Tooling

    1. Allow update the password expiration date using dchpwd 

    SW  v5.8.0 (October 2023) 


    1. Support Hach Integration


    1. Support 2 Factor Authentication


    1. Device auto-configuration improvements

    SW v5.9.0  (November 2023)

    New Device Management

    1. Bug fixes


    1. Support reapply with new Transformations engine.

    SW  v5.9.4  (December 2023)

    New Device Management

    1. Bug fixes

    SW  v5.9.5 (January 2024)

    Device Management

    1. Thresholds bug fixes


    1. Bug fixes in Transformations engine

    2. SMS Quota enforcement on outbound SMS notifications