Stream History Report

This type of report displays the history of one or more data streams of a particular type.

To create a Stream History report:

  1. Click Reports in the left pane. The Stream History Report window opens.
  2. In the Stream History Report window, do the following actions:
    1. Select whether to specify streams By Site or By Stream Type.

    2. If you selected to specify streams By Site, specify the site, and then specify stream(s) in the site.

    3. If you selected to specify streams By Stream Type, specify the stream type, and then specify stream(s) of that type.

    4. Specify the reporting Time Period.

  3. Click Save Report Configuration if you wish to save this specific report generation criteria, and enter a descriptive name for the report type.
  4. Click Export to CSV. A CSV file is created, showing the history of the selected streams during the selected time period.