Threshold operations exceeding its limit

Currently, there is a limit on the number of operations per a threshold level. This document explains the workaround when exceeding this number of operations that are executed by the thresholds.

What are the operations? 

Operations limitation

Operations usage

Example of operations calculation

Workaround Operation limitation

What are the operations? 

Operations is a series of steps that done by Wavelet that are forced by thresholds.

These operations are:

  1. Transmit Data, Transmission Interval - Wavelet actions, but not consume Wavelet Operations 
  2. Sampling Interval, Stream Sampling Actions, Digital Output actions - Wavelet Actions that consume Operations
  3. Notification Actions - Server actions and not consume Wavelet Operations 

Operations limitation

Currently, the Wavelet supports a maximum of three operations per a threshold level.

Operations Usage

Sampling Interval:

Change sample interval - 3 actions

Stream Sampling Actions:

Pause sampling - 1 action

Resume sampling - 1 action

Sample once - 2 actions

Pause single - 2 actions

Change sample interval - 3 actions

Digital Output actions:

Set UP - 1 action

Set DOWN - 1 action

Pulse Once - 2 actions

For Example:

Workaround Operation limitation

If you require more operations per a threshold, it is possible to create an additional stream with the same transformations, final values, and thresholds for specific channels.

For example, if you have a Level Sensor  + Camera.

The Level sensor will be applied to Sample Group 1 and the Camera will be applied to to Sample Group 2.

Example of Thresholds Conditions:

  1. If Level 0-20 cm, the Sample interval should be 10 minutes for Level Sensor and Camera.
  2. If Level 20-70 cm, the Sample interval should be 5 minutes for Level Sensor and Camera.
  3. Every time Level crosses 20 cm - send notification and change the transmission interval.


Because "Changing Sample Interval" costs 3 Operations,  the Wavelet can`t change the Sample interval for both Groups within one Threshold Level (it will cost is 6 operations).


Configure "Level" Operations to change the Sample Interval of Group 1 

Add an additional channel, "Level (technical stream for camera thresholds)", that measures the same parameter right after channel "Level" and configure Operations to change Sample Interval of Group 2. 

Notice that you don`t need to additionally configure Notification Actions, Transmit Data, Transmission Interval because it will be changed by the "Level" channel thresholds.