101 Best IoT Startups based in New York City
This article showcases their top picks for the best New York City-based Internet of Things companies.

Best IoT Startups in New York City: Ayyeka

This article showcases their top picks for the best IoT startups based in New York City. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovate the Internet of Things industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a following.

"We tried to pick companies across the size spectrum from cutting edge startups to established brands."

Ayyeka | Digitally Enhancing Hard Infrastructure

Ayyeka Digitally Enhancing Hard Infrastructure

Above all, Ayyeka is proud to have been nominated as one of the best IoT startups of 2021.

What is Hard infrastructure?

The pipes, transmission lines, roads, and bridges that provide critical services - are barely functioning (see: ASCE Infrastructure Report Card). In fact, they are using inadequately secured digital tools that leave the door wide open to hackers. So what do we do?

For instance, using a physical edge device embedded with machine learning software in the field gives the hard infrastructure upon which we all rely the abilities to meet present and future needs. It's a new technology that overcomes the challenges of limited power in battery-operated edge devices. Plus, the limitations against using cloud computing are because of cybersecurity concerns.

Therefore, from IoT data generation to AI pattern recognition and prediction, the physical edge device uses machine learning powers to create the next generation of hard infrastructure. Infrastructure 4.0 - brings machine learning abilities to hard infrastructure. Most importantly, deploying AI-embedded edge devices to pipes, bridges, transmission lines, and roads to give this hard infrastructure new abilities and an extended lifespan. That's the digital revolution Ayyeka is currently spearheading.

The original article: https://beststartup.us/101-best-new-york-city-internet-of-things-companies-and-startups/#Ayyeka_Digitally_Enhancing_Hard_Infrastructure

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