Amid Stormy Weather, Israeli Innovation Saves Holon from Flooding

This article was published by The Jerusalem Post in February 2021.

Previous winters submerged cars and flooded Holon’s streets, costing severe damage • Ayyeka CEO: “This year, there won’t be flooding in Holon.”

Ayyeka saves Holon from Flooding
Israeli firefighters sit in a rescue boat as they search for people at a parking lot that was flooded following heavy rainfall in Ness Ziona, November 21, 2020.

Israel has suffered from particularly harsh and stormy weather in the last week, resulting in flooding that overwhelmed municipal drains and infrastructure. But a new Israeli innovation has kept the city of Holon from suffering from flooding.

Developed by Israeli firm Ayyeka, the new technology, known as Wavelets, was installed in strategic points throughout the city, monitoring water levels and flow rates. These Wavelets were also able to notify engineers in real-time about any potential issues, allowing them to be diverted before turning into severe problems.
A city of 200,000 people and the second-largest industrial zone in the country, Holon has suffered from severe flooding in the past. Over the past three years, winter saw Holon’s streets and parking lots flooded, submerging cars and causing millions of shekels in damages.

Israeli Innovation

But thanks to Ayyeka’s Wavelets, Holon has kept its city safe from this damage in 2021, and more Wavelets will be installed throughout the city.
After this success, these Wavelets could even be expanded across Israel and even internationally, as flooding is a problem worldwide and remains one of the most expensive natural disasters, costing the US nearly $10 billion annually and Europe $1.4 billion.
“This year, there won’t be flooding in Holon,” Ayyeka CEO Ariel Stern said in a statement. “We are happy to see Israeli municipalities starting to adopt and deploy technology solutions originating in Israel and well-accepted on a global scale. Ayyeka technology is used throughout the world and thousands of Wavelets currently generate data across the globe. I am proud of what Ayyeka has brought to the city of Holon: the critical data keeps Holon residents safe and their possessions secure.”
Recent weather has seen Israel battered by heavy rain, thunderstorms and even snow – with snow falling in Jerusalem for the first time since 2013. And the bad weather isn’t over yet.
On Monday, the Israel Meteorological Service warned that floods were expected in the South and the Judean desert throughout next week. Warning people to stay away from desert creeks either by foot or by car as the banks are at risk of suddenly collapsing.
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