Ayyeka Services and Support Guidelines

Last update: May 25, 2020

Supported Ayyeka Products
The guidelines for Services and Support enumerated herein cover the Ayyeka Cloud services for customers and channel partners who have current Subscriptions (referred to elsewhere or previously as “Service Plans”). These guidelines do not cover hardware or software other than Ayyeka’s cloud services, or any feature designated alpha or beta, or any impact by inappropriate use or configuration. Ayyeka’s Wavelet edge devices are provided with a warranty.

The Ayyeka platform is a data acquisition system that generates data from remote infrastructure and dispersed assets and transmits data securely to the Ayyeka Cloud. Devices can be managed remotely, and data can be viewed and managed via the Ayyeka software platform (referred to elsewhere as “Field Assets Intelligence”, which includes “StreamView”, Ayyeka’s user interface). Data can also be integrated into third-party systems, such as SCADA systems, GIS, and data analytics applications.

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