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Delivering decisions from field asset data

Ayyeka Provides a Highly Versatile Intelligence Platform
Ayyeka’s comprehensive solution is the only tool necessary to bring hard infrastructure to a new digital era. The triple threat of aging infrastructure, increased operational stress, and extensive compliance reporting challenges the hard infrastructure responsible for providing critical services. Digitally enhancing hard infrastructure with the ability to autonomously recognize patterns and detect events brings predictive maintenance to critical infrastructure.
Ayyeka’s Wavelet™ is a ruggedized, battery-powered, wireless Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) edge device. Seamlessly combined with powerful software, it generates and securely transmits sensor data to a software platform, where it can be managed and integrated into third-party applications, such as SCADA, data analytics, and GIS. Our end-to-end solution helps municipal and industrial operators increase efficiency, reduce downtime and failures, and improve compliance.
Wavelet™ V2
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Wavelet™ EX
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Wavelet™ 4R
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Field Assets Intelligence
Ayyeka's Field Assets Intelligence™ (FAI) platform offers the best-in-class solution for generating, managing, and monetizing data from field assets. It enables easy data visualization, device fleet management, situational awareness, and collaboration of data with existing IT systems such as SCADA and other 3rd party software. The platform is offered as a web-based solution (FAI Pro™), an on-premises solution (FAI Local™), or direct device-to-MQTT Broker solution (FAI Lite™).
FAI™ Pro
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FAI™ Local
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FAI™ Lite
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WaveCam™ – enhance your sensor data with visuals. Day and night. Have you ever wished you could see what is going on at your remote site? Now you can! Introducing the WaveCam™, a fully autonomous camera paired with the Wavelet™ edge device to bring images and sensor data together in one powerful software platform.
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