Adding a User Group

Create a user group for users who share access or functions in common.

To create a user group:

  1. Click Account in the left pane.
  2. In the right pane, click the User Groups tab.
  3. Click + Add Group. The Add New Group window opens.
  4. In the Add New Group window, do the following actions:
    1. Enter a group name.
    2. Optionally enter a description.
    3. In the Account Organization field, specify which owners can manage this group:
      • Select No organization if you want this group to remain at the Account level. In this case, only the Account owner can manage the group.
      • Select a specific Organization if you want to associate this group with a specific Organization. In this case, both the Account owner and the specific Organization’s owner can manage the group.

Note:  If the group was created at the Organization level, the group is automatically associated with that Organization, and there is no option to select a different Organization.

           d.   In Assign Group Shared Site Permissions, you can grant this user group permission to access any shared Site that you manage. 

           e.    Click Add Group. The group is added to the User Groups table.


You can now assign users as group members. Refer to Assigning a User to a Group.