Deleting a stream

When you no longer need a stream for a device, you can delete the stream.

If the stream has virtual streams, you must delete the virtual streams before you can delete the stream.

A deleted stream cannot be recovered.


  • If the stream that you want to delete has virtual streams nested under it, you must first delete all of its virtual streams (see the steps below).
  • Disable any thresholds on the stream that you want to delete. In the right pane, select the Data Processing & Thresholds tab, and then move the Thresholds slider to OFF .


To delete a stream:

  1. Click Devices in the left pane.
  2. In the Sites Tree pane, click the device name, and then click the stream name.
  3. In the STREAM MANAGEMENT table in the right pane,  click X in the Sample Group column of the stream that you want to delete. This step disconnects the stream from its channel. 
  4. In the top right pane, click Actions underneath the graph, and click Delete Stream. The Delete Stream window opens. Click Submit to confirm the delete operation.


    Note: After you delete a stream, the channel that the stream was mapped to remains in the STREAM MANAGEMENT table as an empty row.  Contact if you want the channel deleted.