Discovering the Channel that is Associated with a Group

If you need to change a channel’s sampling interval, you must first find out which group the channel is associated with.

In Firmware versions that are older than 2.3x, two default groups, Group 1 and Group 2, are provided. Channels do not need to be in a group in order to sample.

In Firmware version 2.3x and newer, six default groups, called Group 1...6, are provided. Serial and analog channels must be in a group, or they will not sample. For details about digital channels and groups, see Digital Channel Advanced Configuration.


To discover a channel’s association with a group:

  1. In the left pane, click Devices.
  2. In the Sites Tree pane, click the device name.
  3. In the right pane, click the Configuration tab. The Stream Management table is displayed. Make sure that Data Streams is selected in the top right drop-down box.
  4. In the Stream Management table, the group that the channel is associated with is listed in the Sample Group column. For example, a value of 1 indicates that the channel is associated with Group 1.