Pre-Installation Check List

Before the device is installed in the field, use this check list to ensure a successful installation.


Mandatory: The device and sensors must be tested in the office before installing in the field.


  1. Write down the S/N of the device (found on the back). 

  2. Tools for mounting the device and the antenna. Review where to mount the antenna before you go to the site.

  3. If you are using an external power supply, review how to connect it.

  4. Test the sensors in the office before going out into the field.

  5. Test the mounting brackets in the office before going out into the field.

  6.  Make sure you have all required components (check the BOM):

      • Wavelet device 

      • External cellular antenna 

      • Sensors that the user ordered

      • External power supply (optional) 

      • Splitters (optional) 



  1. Confirm that the user has a user account in  the UI. 

  2. Give new customers access to the UI:

      • Give them credentials for the Cloud account 

      • Give them the URL of the UI 

      • Check that the user is able to log in to the new account from their laptop

  3. You must have the AyyekaGo mobile app mobile app installed on your iPhone or Android. Be sure that your mobile device has the latest version. 

  4. Review the Quick Start Guide (if needed, you can create a PDF for print out).

  5. Know what streams should be transmitting data so that you can check them when the device is active. 

  6. Confirm that the device is transmitting.

  7. Check that the device is enabled to use the AyyekaGo mobile app with the Mobile Pair Key - shown in the the UI.