Upgrading an Existing FAI Local (On-Premises) Installation

If you have an existing installation of an on-premises server, you can easily upgrade to a newer version.

A full backup of the existing FAI Local installation is automatically done by the upgrade procedure. Only the FAI Local software changes. Your database is not changed.




Installation Directory

Upgrade of Current Installation in Prohibited Directory

Upgrade of Current Installation in Permitted Directory




  • You must be an Administrative user with sudo privileges. You must know the sudo password.

Note: It is recommended that you change the sudo password timeout to at least 60 minutes. 

  • There must be at least 10 Gb of free space on the on-premises server.


► Any passwords and configuration files that you changed on your existing on-premises server will be overwritten by the upgrade procedure. If needed, back up the changed files before you do the upgrade.

► You must install the newer version of the on-premises server in the same directory as the current version. 


Installation Directory

Prohibited and Permitted Directories

Versions of on-premises installation before 3.43.2-46 permitted installation in the following system folders:

  • /tmp
  • /etc
  • /var
  • /bin
  • /dev 

In installation version 3.43.2-46 and newer, those directories are prohibited for installation. If the current on-premises version was installed in any of those system directories, the upgrade will fail. In this case, you must follow the instructions: Upgrade of Current Installation in Prohibited Directory. 

All other directories are permitted for installation. Follow the instructions: Upgrade of Current Installation in Permitted Directory. 


Upgrade of Current Installation in Prohibited Directory

A backup is automatically run each day at 02:00 UTC into the /var/onprem/backup directory. The archive creates the backup file name in the format backup_<Installed version>.tar.gz. An example file name might be backup_backup_v3_43_2-46.tar.gz. 

Before you begin the upgrade, it is recommended that you contact 

support@ ayyeka.com. 

Do the following steps:

  1. Back up your existing data by doing the following steps:
    1. Go to the installation directory, and then go to the sql_scripts directory. Typically, the entire path is /opt/onprem/sql_scripts.
    2. Run the command: backup_db.sh

By default, the backup is put into the  /var/onprem/backup directory.

  2.   Either uninstall the current version by going to the installation directory, and then run the uninstall script located there (./uninstall.sh). Alternatively, use a new server.

  3.   Follow the installation steps for a new installation.

  4.   Restore archived data from the backup (step 1) by running the command:

 restore_db.sh /var/onprem/backup/<backup_zip_file_name>

For example, the command might be

restore_db.sh  /var/onprem/backup/backup_v3_43_2-46.tar.gz
The restore command overwrites existing data in the MYSQL database. Be sure that your backup is current and readable!


Upgrade of Current Installation in Permitted Directory

Do the following steps:

  1. Connect to Ubuntu Server
  2. Open a command-line window and go to the directory where the current version was installed.
  3. In the command-line window, do the following command:
sudo INSTALL_PATH=/opt/onprem ./onprem_offline_install_<version>.run -u

Follow the installation prompts. The installer will find the current installation and ask you if you want to upgrade. When you type Yes, the upgrade will begin. If needed, restore password and configuration files from the previous version of the on-premises server.

   4.   Verify the installation.

If the upgrade is not successful, contact support@ayyeka.com.