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The threshold for the "External Power Source" data stream

Recent advancements allow fine-tuning of thresholds, boosting device performance. Such thresholds aid power management like pausing camera or reducing sampling to save battery and stay operational.

NOTE: The feature is available starting with FW  2.481.

Here are the steps for configuration.

  1. Create a user group and add the dedicated users who should receive the notifications.
  2. Go the “Device Management”:
  3. Select the device:
  4. Go to the “Configuration” tab -> “ Advanced Device Configuration” section:

    Note: Select the channel number and the sample group that is not reserved or occupied by a sensor connected to the Wavelet

  5. Fill out the following parameters under the “Analog” folder:

    GROUP: {} - associate the channel with the dedicated sample group

Once the configuration is sent -> refresh the “Stream Management” panel and add the dedicated stream for the recently activated channel:

Once the stream is created, you may now proceed with adding the thresholds:

Note: The newly created Data  Stream of “External Power Source” is independent of the Power Source Technical Stream.