Changing a Channel’s Association with a Group

You can change any channel’s association with a group to a different group.

In Firmware versions older than 2.301, two default groups, Group 1 and Group 2, are provided. Channels do not need to be in a group in order to sample.

In Firmware version 2.301 and newer, six default groups, called Group 1...6, are provided. Serial and analog channels must be in a group, or they will not sample. For details about digital channels and groups, Digital Channel Advanced Configuration.


To change a channel’s association with a group:

  1. In the left pane, click Devices.
  2. In the Sites Tree pane, click the device name.
  3. In the right pane, click the Configuration. The Stream Management table is displayed.
  4. In the Stream Management table, make sure that Data Streams is selected in the top right drop-down box
  5. Locate the channel in the Stream Management table, and note its Type (stream type) and #(stream number). In our example, suppose that the channel's Type=Serial, and #=3.
  6. Perform the following actions:
    1. Scroll below the Stream Management table, and click Advanced Device Configuration.
    2. In the configuration tree, expand the node whose name is the channel’s type. In our example, this is the Serial node.
    3. Expand the CHANNEL node.
    4. Expand the node whose name is the channel’s number. In our example, this is the node.
    5. Click down arrow for the group node.

   7. Click Set Setting. Type in the new value of the group to associate the channel with. 

   8. Save the configuration changes, and then validate that the device rebooted by doing the following steps:

a. Click Devices in the left pane, and then select the device in the Sites Tree pane.

b. In the right pane, click the Commands tab. You will see a Reboot command after a few seconds.

c. If no Reboot command is displayed, click Actions > Reboot in the Device Information pane to manually reboot the device.

 Both the configuration changes and the reboot will take effect after the device contacts the server.