Our Mission

Ayyeka’s comprehensive solution is the only tool necessary to bring hard infrastructure to a new digital era. The triple threat of aging infrastructure, increased operational stress, and extensive compliance reporting challenges the hard infrastructure responsible for providing critical services. Digitally enhancing critical infrastructure with the ability to autonomously recognize patterns and detect events brings predictive maintenance to critical infrastructure.

Ayyeka provides an end-to-end solution with the hardware, software, and machine learning intelligence needed to create resilience in any infrastructure or critical utility. Simple to launch, the plug-and-play edge solution, compatible with any sensor to deliver all essential data for each asset in any industry. Solving tomorrow’s problems, today. Ayyeka.

Our Values

Delivering Decisions from Field Assets Data. We believe that remote field data is crucial for the resistance, efficiency, and safety of critical infrastructure. But current infrastructure is operated without the benefits of real-time field data. We aim to change that by providing a streamlined solution for the creation, management, and utilization of data

from remote field assets. Ayyeka is the leader in hard-infrastructure IoT. Our core values are simplicity, versatility, and effectiveness and we embed their philosophy in each and every part of our solution. From the field hardware to the software platform.

Our Team

Ariel co-founded Ayyeka to support infrastructure stakeholders with digitizing their operations. Before Ayyeka, Ariel worked in the infrastructure space as the project manager of major transportation and critical infrastructure projects. His early career was in the defense space, where he served in many roles of project management. Ariel has been awarded for his groundbreaking work in operational readiness and situational awareness by the highest recognition of the Israeli Air Force technical wing. Ariel holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.
Yair co-founded Ayyeka to bring the forefront of technology in the fields of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and embedded systems to the underserved infrastructure space. Prior to Ayyeka, Yair served as an officer in the IDF’s elite intelligence unit and the ministry of defense, where he led pioneering technological projects and cyber operations. Yair is a sought-after speaker; he teaches a hands-on IoT course at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and lectures regularly at other Israeli colleges. Yair holds a PhD. in Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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