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Take action from the comfort of your desk

Coupled with Ayyeka's Wavelet edge device, the FAI platform is the perfect IoT platform for your remote data and devices.


A One-Stop Shop

Tightly integrated sensors, edge devices and IoT platform.



Hosted by Ayyeka or installed on your on-premise data center. Your choice.


Military-grade Cybersecurity

The most stringent security measures to protect your critical systems


More than meets the eye

Managing your remote data and edge devices from everywhere becomes a breeze.

01  Monitor Your Assets

If you're looking for a way to better visualize data from remote field sites, then FAI is the perfect tool for you. With FAI, you can plot data on a map to explore events, relationships, and patterns. The geographical layout makes it easy to understand changing field conditions and events. And because FAI is so easy to use, you'll be up and running in no time at all!


02  Real-Time Alerts

If you manage critical assets, you can't afford to miss a leak, break, overflow, or contamination. With the FAI, you'll have real-time alerts so you can take action immediately. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to set up alerts and manage them the way you want - SMS, email, or even a voice call. You can also control the severity of the alerts, so you always have the information you need to keep your assets safe and sound.



03  SCADA & BI Integration

The FAI is the perfect solution for connecting your remote field assets to your SCADA or business intelligence systems. With support for standard protocols such as DNP3 and OPC, the FAI is easy to use and can be quickly integrated into your existing infrastructure. In addition, the FAI's rest API makes it simple to connect to your data regardless of where it is located. With the FAI, you can be sure that your data is always accessible and up-to-date.


04  Remote Device Management

The FAI is a powerful tool that enables you to remotely manage your Ayyeka edge devices. Change configuration, update firmware version, and gain instant oversight over your fleet - all from the palm of your hand. With the FAI, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your edge devices are always up-to-date and operating at peak performance.



Looking to use the Wavelet data without going through the platform?

For use cases where there is a preference not to use the FAI platform and not utilize its benefits, it is possible to use the FAI Lite to get the sensors data from the Wavelets to an MQTT broker or one of its agents - DNP3, OPC-UA or CSV.

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