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Upgrade Your District Energy metering, operations, maintenance In the Blink of an Eye

Unlock the power of your data with Ayyeka's end-to-end solution.

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Digital Transformation Without the Drama

Join the leading energy utilities which are using the Ayyeka solution to make their field assets data an integral part of their operational DNA.

You know you need the best data to make the best decisions, but where do you get it? Check out our solution below. It's as easy as 1-2-3.


Clean Data = Cleaner Energy

Complicated integration is a relic of the past. With Ayyeka, connect every remote meter or asset to your asset management suite. And if you use a KEP flow computer, you'll get our dedicated tool to streamline your workflows. And that's not all! Upload the FAI platform & FAI+ tools to bring the edge in plain sight.

Remote Metering + Asset Management = Modeling Done Right



01 Remote Metering

There is a very good reason why the future of metering is remote. And with Ayyeka, getting the consumption data to your operation backbone is simple and straightforward. Benefit from the tight integration between the Wavelet edge device and the FAI platform. And use it with any meter you own - legacy or new!

Detect meter problems as soon as they appear, and save on those expensive site visits. Join the next generation of metering solutions today. 


02 Better asset management

You own and operate a complicated network. It comprises many interconnected assets such as pipes, valves, manholes, and meters. Ever wished you could get an instant notification if something went bad? If an abnormal condition develops on the far side of your network? With Ayyeka, we got you covered.

Monitor in real-time the remote assets that give you pain. Challenging steam traps, tricky valves, and the rest of the "wish they run better" sites. We provide and improve situational awareness.


03 Modeling done right

Your operations, optimization, and future development run on models. And good models are hard to make and find. Most modelers will admit that the right data and the data quality are the two main factors that will determine the quality of the model. With Ayyeka's solution - you will be able to get the data you need and make sure its quality is good.

Make sure your modeling efforts are complemented with the correct data and the quality of the data it deserves.


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Want to hear more?

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