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gain Superpowers

Fire up your operations with data optimized by Ayyeka's FAI+ Apps.


Domain Expertise

Work like a pro, using tools that in the past were only accessible to a select few. Set alerts & get  notification right away about transmission anomalies.



Utilize and Monetize

You've collected reams of data, but how do you sort them? Relax, our FAI+ Apps does the heavy lifting for you, giving you actionable insights.

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Make An Impact

Long gone are the days of manual data collection & storage. Get maximum benefit from your data when it's sent in real-time to any of your devices. 


Get the most from your data.

The FAI+ Apps will give you actionable insights to use data in ways you never thought possible. Champion your data and lead the way to a digitalized infrastructure.

Most people don't think about all the behind-the-scenes work that keeps our infrastructure running smoothly.
At Ayyeka, we know that it takes constant dedication. Our FAI+ Apps creates a smooth path to make a tough job easier.



01  Insights Map

See what's important

If you could see insights in real-time, would it change the way you do business? With the Insights Map, it's possible. Imagine seeing a map of level or pressure across your network in real-time. No more guesswork or manual data entry between software tools is necessary. You decide how you want to see the data and use it. Predictive maintenance becomes easier to plan. The Insights Map lets you work smarter, not harder. Try it today.


02  Insights Dashboards

USE it your way

Are you looking for a way to use your data more effectively? Look no further than the FAI Insights Dashboards! With the Insights Dashboards, you can create intuitive and insightful dashboards and analytics. Easy-to-read widgets allow you to customize your data and use it exactly how you want. From status pages to management briefings, the Insights Dashboards are the perfect tool for using your data at scale. So why wait? Get started today and see what the Insights Dashboards can do for you!

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03  Custom Applications

The right tools lead to success

Introducing Ayyeka's suite of custom apps - designed to help you with the most challenging applications. Whether you're dealing with combined sewage overflow (CSO), regulatory compliance, water leakage detection, or air quality control, our tools will help you stay on top of things. Always.

With our custom apps, you'll be able to work smarter rather than harder. Let us take care of the tough stuff.


04  AI Data Curator

Trust your data

There are many moving parts to IoT projects, ranging from sensors through edge devices to cloud platforms, making it easy for things to go wrong. It is not uncommon to have data quality and reliability issues that render the data useless. 

Ayyeka has automated this process, saving enormous amounts of time and manual labor. At the click of a button, Ayyeka's AI Data Curator will detect, report, and automatically fix IoT sensor data for better decision outcomes and regulatory compliance. 

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05  WaveCam


Do you wish you could get a better idea of what's happening in the field? The WaveCam is here to help! With WaveCam, you can boost your field sensor data with images and timelapse videos. You can easily correlate sensor data with images. It's the perfect tool for gaining a deeper insight into your field assets. 

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06  Storm Scope

Overflow analytics & reporting

Storm Scope is designed to revolutionize the way sewage overflows are managed, using advanced technologies and real-time data analytics to provide actionable insights and streamline the reporting process. This will enable communities and operators to proactively identify and respond to potential issues, minimizing the environmental impact of sewage overflows and promoting public health.

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