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A standardized, smarter, simpler way to manage mining operations

Groundwater monitoring, flow in rivers and canals, water quality, detection of clogged pipelines, compliance-related reporting, flow monitoring, and many more applications are part of Ayyeka's solution for environmental, operations, and facilities managers.

Streamline data collection & management with 1 Complete Solution

Are you looking for a reliable datalogger, telemetry system, and data management platform to collect data from multiple sensors across your mining operations? Our all-in-one system simplifies the process by compiling data from all your sensors and transmitting the data to a cloud-based platform or directly to your existing SCADA. Our user-friendly design allows you to seamlessly manage and monitor your hardware and data to optimize your mining operations and enhance productivity.

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01 Easier Data Collection

Introducing our revolutionary hardware solution that integrates a power supply, data logger, GPS antenna, and telemetry system into a single robust enclosure. Its high-energy density battery allows this system to power sensors for up to 5 years, allowing for uninterrupted data acquisition and transmission.

Our system reduces costs and significantly cuts deployment time, with no need for a specialized team to travel to the site for installation, configuration, or costly trips for minor adjustments.

Thanks to the plug-and-play design, sensors can quickly connect to the device, and configuration can be done remotely. This approach offers unparalleled cost reduction, convenience, and flexibility for your deployments.

 Our system is ideal for monitoring:

  • Vibrating wire piezometers
  • Strain gauge piezometers
  • Metering chemical and fuel usage
  • Surface water flow and quality
  • Tailings management
  • Early warning systems
  • Liquid levels in tanks
  • Energy usage 
  • Pressure in pipes & tanks
  • Potable water management.




If you're looking for a way to streamline your asset management, Ayyeka is the perfect solution. Check out our infographic video. 



03 Enhanced MODELING

If you're in the business of planning, you know that modeling is key. But it's challenging to model networks properly when you don't have reliable data. That's where Ayyeka comes in. We provide the real-time data you need to supercharge your modeling efforts. Now you can automatically calibrate and validate your models via our REST API, CSV integrations. Don't wait! Get started today.



Traditional compliance reporting for distributed mining operations can be tedious and costly due to the need for travel to the site, data download, and report generation. Ayyeka's system addresses this issue with a user-friendly dashboard that displays real-time information about all your sites. Alerts are generated in real-time, and compliance reports can be easily generated, reducing travel time and eliminating tedious tasks. You'll see greater operational efficiency. Ensure your compliance with environmental regulations, leaving you free to focus on critical aspects of mining operations.


"For almost a decade, EnerTek has been developing and deploying various systems for clients that utilize dataloggers, PLC, and different telemetry systems. However, these systems often involve complex customization, specialized programming, and meticulous attention from end-users. Fortunately, our discovery of Ayyeka has enabled us to offer clients a more efficient and streamlined data collection and management process. "

Joseph Baker, CEO EnerTek Global


How does it work?

Ayyeka offers an end-to-end solution to help you create, manage, and utilize the data you need from your remote field assets, such as groundwater wells, dams, conveyor belts, air compressors, etc. Our solution will fit your mine current and future needs, from the sensors to the analytics.

The best data logger in the market is not a data logger. It's a Wavelet. Use the Wavelet anywhere in your network to create the field data you need the most. This cellular, battery-powered, cyber-secured, ruggedized edge device is not your typical data logger. It's much more.

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The FAI platform is the only tool you need to perfectly manage your field data and your deployed Wavelet edge devices. With the FAI platform, you can monitor water depth, flow, and rainfall intensity in real-time, track trends over time, and receive alerts when conditions exceed desired thresholds. The FAI platform is also fully customizable, so you can tailor it to your specific needs.

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As an operations manager knows, data is essential for understanding the health of remote assets. Accurate data helps identify problem areas, assess the effectiveness of proactive maintenance, and plan for future projects. However, bad or mispresented data can quickly hamper your efforts, causing you to waste time and resources. By providing accurate, up-to-date data dashboards, the FAI+ tools make it easy to see what's happening in your mine. In addition, the tools provide insights into how your system is performing, letting you quickly identify and fix problems.

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Protect your operations from cyber threats.



The most intelligent solution you can find.



From small to full-scale. We grow with you.


Fully Integrated

An end-to-end solution. From sensors to analytics.


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