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Safe Drinking Water: Monitoring quality control in Schwyz, Switzerland

Water quality monitoring

Water quality control 

In the picturesque Swiss city of Schwyz, nestled among the Muotathal valley and neighboring communities, the safety of the town's drinking water became a paramount concern. With 15,000 inhabitants relying on wells for 90% of their water supply, the recent construction works in the area posed a potential risk of water contamination. Manual monitoring methods were deemed insufficient for the immediate response required in case of contamination detection. This is where Unimon GmbH, in collaboration with Ayyeka, stepped in to provide an innovative solution for minute-by-minute water quality monitoring.

Real-time water monitoring

At the beginning of 2019, the decision was made to reinforce the critical street connecting Schwyz to the surrounding areas. However, the insertion of cement pillars, reaching a depth of 30 meters, raised concerns about potential contamination in the water catchment areas. The existing manual measurements conducted on a daily basis were not only cost-ineffective but also unable to offer real-time data, hindering swift action in case of contamination detection.

To address the challenge at hand, the regional authorities and the government construction company turned to Unimon GmbH, a renowned expert in water and wastewater monitoring, and their Swiss partner, Ayyeka. Unimon, with the support of Ayyeka, devised an automated solution for minute-by-minute water quality monitoring in the two wells at risk due to their proximity to the construction works.

Wavelet Technolog

In June 2019, Ayyeka's innovative technology, the Ayyeka Wavelet, was deployed a few meters underground above each well. A cable connected to three sensors was inserted through a pipe, reaching a depth of 25 meters, providing direct access to the well itself. These sensors, submerged in the water, continuously relayed real-time data on various parameters including conductivity, ORP (Oxidation-reduction potential or Redox), temperature, turbidity, and pH of the well water. The Wavelet's ultra-low power consumption, combined with its fully autonomous operation, ensured a cost-effective 24/7 monitoring solution.

To enable efficient data management and accessibility, relevant personnel were granted access to real-time data reports through the DataView portal. However, the true strength of the solution lay in its ability to generate instant alerts via cell phone and email. The Wavelet, equipped with advanced encryption and authentication technology, was configured to trigger alerts whenever the collected data deviated from pre-configured thresholds. This feature allowed for immediate response and appropriate actions to be taken when water quality was compromised.

Automation and technology Ayyeka

Thanks to the collaboration between Unimon GmbH and Ayyeka, Schwyz successfully addressed the challenge of ensuring safe drinking water during critical construction works. The implementation of minute-by-minute water quality monitoring using Ayyeka's Wavelet technology provided real-time data, simplifying complicated operations and enabling rapid response in case of water contamination. With the combination of edge computing, artificial intelligence, advanced IoT platforms, and domain expertise, Ayyeka continues to make critical infrastructure smarter, ensuring the efficiency and safety of vital systems in modern societies.

By leveraging the power of automation and advanced monitoring technologies, Ayyeka remains at the forefront of revolutionizing critical infrastructure networks worldwide, providing decision-makers with actionable insights and real-time data to simplify complex operations and enhance the overall resilience and efficiency of our modern societies.