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5000m Above Sea Level, Digital Monitoring Protects the Peruvian Andes

Protecting the environment in the Peruvian Andes with digital monitoring in open pit mining


In 2022, EnerTek Global completed an important environmental project for the Compañía Minera Raura. It's a polymetallic mining company with more than half a century of experience. It requested that Ayyeka & EnerTek design and deliver an automated climate/environmental monitoring system in 7 glacial lakes in the extreme climates of the high Peruvian Andes 5000 meters above sea level.


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The project is located in the Raura mountain range, which comprises a horseshoe-shaped complex of approximately 25 km on the continental divide of the Andes mountains, characterized by gently sloping areas interrupted by snow-capped peaks with picturesque lakes between its narrow valleys that adorn the landscape with its incredible beauty, in shades of blue, green and turquoise.


EnerTek Global completed the design and installation of the water level monitoring system using the Geotech Gauge Pressure Transducer (pressure sensor) from Geotech Environmental. Ayyeka's  Wavelet datalogger was installed for data transmission in real-time (telemetry).



Raura is dedicated to exploiting and processing copper, lead, silver, and zinc concentrate. It is focused on the sustainable management of its operations, adopting quality, safety, and environmental standards, which consolidate it as a world-class company. Accordingly, Enertek offered a proposal that meets the needs of the Raura mining company, with equipment from Geotech and Ayyeka's FAI Platform, among the best in the market for displaying and downloading measurement data efficiently in real-time.


The EnerTek team designed a system to protect the equipment against the area's harsh climates and potential vandalism, with a minimal visual footprint, using a stainless steel design as a lock box for the Ayyeka and its connections anchored to a concrete platform. An HDPE pipe conveys the sensor out into the lake. A small crew operating a Zodiac boat following cold water safety protocols floats the pipe to where it can be anchored with weights at the desired location.


Geotech's submersible pressure transducers are designed to be robust and durable to accommodate harsh environments. In addition, they are vented in the cable for barometric compensation of water level readings.


The Ayyeka Wavelet is a fully self-contained wireless telemetry device operating the industry's best sensors, with a system built to bring modularity and flexibility to the world of secure remote data acquisition in the Ayyeka cloud or on a local server. The Ayyeka platform is configured to provide water level analysis and graphical visualization of the data stream. Alarms are set to provide alerts to data anomalies, and minimum or maximum water levels.