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Water quality at Austria's highest peak embedded with Ayyeka solution

Austrian Water Quality Mining with Hawle

At Austria's biggest mountain, Ayyeka's integrated solution is embedded in monitoring drinking water and protecting the environment. Even at a nearly 4000m above sea level, signal & range transmit clearly for the local water utility. 


The municipality of Kals am Großglockner operates 5 water supply facilities with an approximately 30 km long water pipeline network. Ayyekka's Wavelet, marketed in Austria as Hawle.LIVE data loggers monitor the fill levels in water towers and water consumption in the supply networks. This modern technology has significantly increased the reliability of the entire drinking water supply.


Supply bottlenecks, for instance, can be detected early by monitoring the filling levels. The permanent monitoring of drinking water consumption by pulse-counting water meters provides a stable reference point for estimating current and future water demand. Additional added value is created by the long-term data records, which can be viewed online. The long-term records show that water supply and consumption changes can easily be detected.


For this purpose, the existing pipe networks of the water utilities suppliers were first checked regarding their leakage rate. In the meantime, all leaks have been detected and repaired.

This is particularly important for supply reliability, hygiene, and the prevention of consequential damage (e.g. landslides). Last but not least, the battery-operated Wavelet doesn’t require any external power supply, and the installation, commissioning, as well as training are all done within a couple of hours.


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