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Black Forest Water Monitoring Takes the Cake in Digitalization

Black Forest Germany Water Monitoring

The world-famous Black Forest is one of Germany's most popular tourist destinations. It attracts people worldwide who enjoy the landscape, nature, and the "Old Europe" feeling. Some of its villages are centuries old; this is the source not only of their charm but also the unseen root cause of their problematic water infrastructure.

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Village water systems were designed and built long ago, at different times. Many modern standards we take for granted, such as high level of water quality, leak management, and quality of service, were not included in the original design criteria.

Black Forest water operations teams and its small, local utilities are facing a set of unprecedented challenges. But times are changing, and with them, the growing challenges for the area's infrastructure. Increased operational stress during the high tourist season, changing weather patterns, and climate change are pushing these water systems to their limits.

And when pushed to the limit - they had to look into new solutions. The alternative? A death blow to a national treasure's water supply.

What are the main objectives of public water utilities?

  1. To supply safe and wholesome water to consumers.
  2. To supply water in adequate quantity.
  3. To make water available within easy reach of the consumers and to encourage general cleanliness.


What is the solution?

It's impossible to tear out all the old water systems and put in new ones, even if money was no object. Rebuilding smarter is the only way forward across the globe. Digitalization of field assets is a big step forward. Collecting data with edge devices allows utilities to do more with less.

It was complicated to add the layer of data monitoring to the region's utilities as they are small and lack human and financial capital. Ayyeka saved the day by helping them gain better visibility in their water network. With flow and pressure data available across the system, these utilities now make decisions anchored in data. 

Relevant key personnel can access real-time data reports on water quality using the DataView portal; more importantly, instant cell phone and email alerts -- generated by the Wavelet when data deviates from pre-configured thresholds -- allow for an appropriate response when water quality is compromised.

Ayyeka's Wavelet connected with sensors to underground pipes, and its Field Asset Intelligence Platform 



Ayyeka delivers creative, high-quality Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions that extend the lifespan and capabilities of hard infrastructure with data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The integrated solution of the Wavelet™ with the Field Assets Intelligence™ (FAI) platform are key components in a next-level IIoT system that digitally enhances hard infrastructure with machine learning. Ayyeka helps municipal and industrial clients streamline remote monitoring and field operations through AI embedded into field assets for efficient data collection, management, and utilization.