Device Maintenance - Monthly and On-going

Every device needs on-going and monthly maintenance to preserve device health. The measures here are primarily preventive maintenance.

 On-going Maintenance

  • It is recommended that every device has a technical alert set up for the humidity and battery technical streams. For acceptable ranges of these parameters, see the table of technical stream types
  • Protect your equipment from lightning strikes.
  • It is recommended to keep the Firmware version in your devices current. Ayyeka will coordinate the date and time with you that is best to do FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) upgrades. The requirements for FOTA:
    • The devices must be connected to an external antenna.

    • The battery life (Battery Life stream) should be at least 25%.


Monthly Maintenance

  • Check the following technical streams:
    • Internal humidity stream - indicates how much moisture is in the device. 
      • For all devices except the Wavelet Ex™, replace desiccants when internal humidity is 70% or higher. 
      • The electronics in the Wavelet Ex™ are fully potted, so there are no desiccants to replace. The battery is potted and fills the full volume of the upper enclosure, so that there is no room for a desiccant pack. You need to simply ensure the top enclosure doesn’t have too much moisture building up. Use a dry cloth when swapping out the battery or performing routine maintenance at the site. 
    • Battery level stream - how much of the battery is left?
    • GSM Signal strength or Cellular Signal Strength - indicates the strength of the modem signal. 
      • If the signal strength is weak, reposition the antenna until the signal strength is stronger. Also check that the antenna is properly connected.

  • Check the following columns in the Health tab: 
    • GSM errors
    • Reboots

For an explanation of these parameters, see Parameters - What They Mean and Their Values.