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Looking for Actionable Insights?

The FAI Insights tools work together with the FAI platform to give you an accurate understanding of your field assets.

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Your field data, now with the extra layer of insights.


Insights Dashboards

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Insights Maps

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Insights Explorer

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01 Synthesize all of your data with the click of a button

  • See performance overviews and operational metrics side-by-side for alignment and easy correlation

  • Explore your infrastructure, assets, and field operations together for complete visibility

  • Pivot in one click to relevant data in other parts of the platform without losing context



02 Create new dashboards in seconds, not days

  • Get started quickly with out-of-the-box and template dashboards and drag-and-drop widgets

  • Easily visualize your field data and your Wavelet edge devices conditions

  • Build new views to support different needs of your daily work



  • Highlight current values of critical assets, processes, and conditions with alerts directly in your dashboards

  • Graph any data with Ayyeka’s Live Map graphs, scatter graphs, stacked graphs, and more

  • Select from an extensive library of widgets  to best represent your data


We tried many data tools before. The FAI Insights is the only one who allowed us to see what we need. This is a must have for anyone who has remote critical assets data and use it on a daily basis.

Robert Waisman, Director of Operations


A cutting-edge solution to century-old problems.

The FAI Insights will give you all the needed flexibility to utilize the data the way you need it. From better asset management to preventive maintenance practices. The Insights were built with you in mind. Make your life simpler and your work easier.


Fully Integrated

Fully integrated with the FAI platform and the Wavelet edge device.

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Design the overview you need to get the insights you are after.



Create as many views as you need and share them across your organization. 



So easy to customize you will think you have developed super powers.


No Coding Required

Designed to be used by everyone so
no need to write a single line of code.


Ever Growing

An ever expending options to view and use your data as you need it.


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Want to hear more?

Let's talk!

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