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Storm Scope

Overflows analytics and reporting.
Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and busy work.

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Use the Storm Scope app to track and report discharge events from your level, flow, and rain data


Intuitive Dashboards

See real-time rain and overflow data in one place, and streamline collaborative work

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Any sensor, any site

The Storm Scope  calculates discharge volume from any flow or level sensor


Quick and easy reporting

No more busy work with clanky spreadsheets. Simple reports with a click

01  Get the big picture with ease & simplicity

  • An intuitive user interface that will help you work faster & easier.

  • Visualize rain & discharge data to correlate wet weather with overflows.

  • Drill down to the finest details or zoom out for the bigger picture. All with a few clicks.



02 Set up any overflow & discharge site in a breeze

  • Configure every site to fit its geometry, shape, and parameters—no more generic templates.

  • Use level sensors (radar, hydrostatic pressure, ultrasonic) to calculate flow & estimate discharge volumes with ease.

  • Use existing sensors or install new ones. The Storm Scope app doesn't care. 


03  Skip the busy work with spreadsheets

  • Stop wasting time you don't have on spreadsheets you don't like.

  • Use advanced reporting to create your needed reports. Share them with other stakeholders and colleagues.

  • COMING SOON - Public maps and reports to publish real-time data with your community & regulators.



Managing overflows just got easier.

Contact us today if you are involved with one of the following: Regulatory compliance, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), public health and safety, combined sewage overflows, sanitary sewage overflows, stormwater management, or wet weather programs. We can help you with one of the most challenging tasks you have - discharge reporting. 


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Want to hear more?

Let's talk!

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