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Stormwater managers : take the head out of the sand & use data better

Stormwater utility managers need to manage data better

Collecting and managing data is vital for every business. This is especially true in the stormwater management industry, where a wide variety of data must be collected, analyzed, and reported on a regular basis. However, many stormwater managers are still using manual processes and Excel spreadsheets for data utilization, which can lead to errors and inefficiencies.



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Stormwater Management in the 21st Century

In today's world, there are numerous software solutions that can help stormwater managers automate their data collection and analysis. These solutions range from simple online databases to full-fledged GIS platforms. By utilizing these tools, stormwater managers can save time and money while improving the accuracy of their data.


One such tool is SWM Insight, which is an online database developed specifically for stormwater professionals. SWM Insight allows users to track everything from rainfall records to outfall inspections in one central location. The platform also features a robust set of reporting and analytics tools that can be used to identify trends and areas for improvement.


Another tool that has gained popularity in recent years is Esri's ArcGIS platform. ArcGIS is a comprehensive GIS platform that can be used for everything from mapping out drainage systems to analyzing land use patterns. ArcGIS also offers a variety of ready-to-use stormwater-specific applications, such as the Stormwater Utility Assistant, which can help streamline various tasks related to stormwater management.


But what is common to all software solutions is their dependency on data. The availability of the data is the key. And having high-quality field data in place is where most stormwater professionals should focus their effort. And making sure the data created is managed properly, and its quality is high is the first step for every data-driven management. And this is where most utilities fail and keep their head in the sand. 




There is no doubt that managing data is essential for all businesses. However, it is especially important in the stormwater management industry where a wide variety of data must be collected on a regular basis. Many stormwater managers are still using manual processes and Excel spreadsheets to manage their data, which can lead to errors and inefficiencies. Utilizing specialized software solutions, such as SWM Insight or Esri's ArcGIS platform, can help stormwater managers save time and money while improving the accuracy of their data.

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