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Case Studies

Real-world examples of Ayyeka deployments

Smart Meter

Santiago, Chile Smart Meter Water and Wastewater Project with Ayyeka and BLASS

3 min read

Santiago, Chile Maximizes Scarce Water Resources w/Digital Solutions

Santiago is Chile’s capital and largest city, with about 6 million residents. Parts of the South American city are located in the Andes mountains and...

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Rutland, Vermont

4 min read

Digital Monitoring Modernizes 19th Century sewers in Rutland, Vt

Through its adoption of Ayyeka’s remote monitoring solutions, the City of Rutland, Vermont has gained real-time information about its wastewater...

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Tel Aviv installs smart water solutions

2 min read

Tel Aviv: A Smart City Done Right

Tel Aviv, Israel is one of the world's meccas for innovation and the birthplace of many technologies that are changing the world. So, it’s not...

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