Creating and Configuring your Account

After becoming acquainted with the Account Hierarchy and the available User Roles, you can create and configure your Account.


  • You must have the Partner role.
  • You must know how you want to organize the Account: which Organizations will be in the Account, and which Sites will be in which Organizations. 


To create the account:

  1. In the left pane, click Account.
  2. Next to the Search field, click the  icon, and then select Create Account. The Create Account window opens.
  3. Type in the Account name, and then select your Primary and Secondary Account Managers.
  4. Click Submit.


To configure the account:

  1. Create or edit organizations. Refer to Adding Organizations.
  2. Create or edit users, giving them the necessary permissions. Refer to Adding a New User.
  3. Create user groups, which define who receives alerts when data thresholds are exceeded. Refer to Adding a User Group and Sharing an Account with another user.
  4. View your Sites (groups of Wavelet devices), and edit their settings, if necessary. Refer to Viewing Sites.
  5. Manage the various data streams received from each specific sensor:
    • Trim the raw data. Then, view the formula for converting raw data into engineering units and edit, if necessary. Refer to Editing the Treatment of Raw Data.
    • View the Samples table, and then hide values that are not real values. Refer to Viewing and Filtering Samples.
    • Set thresholds. When a threshold is exceeded, an alert is sent to the corresponding user group, and certain data stream actions can be taken. Refer to Setting Threshold Actions.
    • View and optionally change a stream’s sampling interval; this is the rate at which the Wavelet samples the relevant sensor for data. Refer to Configuring Sample Group.