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1 min read

Why Should I Care About Digitalization of Infrastructure?

Hard infrastructure is a fundamental component in the delivery of public services, and it is in the process of a digital revolution.

It's hard enough...

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Ayyeka discussing the IIJA bill for digitization of critical infrastructure

1 min read

$1.2 Trillion Earmarked For US Infrastructure: Digitization Overlooked

While populist slogans chant to "Build Back Better," infrastructure professionals wonder if bigger is necessarily better. The IIJA pays scant...

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3 min read

Twenty Years Since 9/11: Al Qaeda is Hiding in Your Computer Files

From physical security to digital security, our world has undergone a total digital transformation in the two decades since September 11, 2001,...

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3 min read

Blocking Monkey-in-the-Middle Hacker Cyber Attacks - Part 2

Cyber attacks on water, energy, and other critical utilities are on the rise. With the rising trend of embedding digital solutions across the utility...

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Ayyeka Prevents Cyber attacks on Critical Infrastructure

2 min read

Cyber attacks on Critical Infrastructure: No Surprise There - Part 1

Utilities have been vulnerable for years. The only surprise is how long it took hackers to discover its lucrative value.

The Colonial Pipeline cyber...

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